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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


A rush job today. A friend of mine messaged me this morning regarding his idea for a 3D model of Ryan Goslings character in the sublime film (and the best of 2011 in my opinion) Drive. Rather than trying to describe how Mr Gosling should look, i knocked up this quick character sketch detailing how i saw the figure. It's a bit rough and ready as it only took about 20 minutes from pencil to post and i have no doubt that Andy's image will be yet another immaculate presentation shaming my own work into disgrace. Anyway, see the film. Its pure class.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Alp! Alp!

Back to the scribbling after a healthy Christmas break. Its nice to be back in my Bat-cave, pencil in hand and photoshop chugging away in front of me. This image is taken from a story I wrote a while back, the same one featuring the bemoobed troll I posted in October. Its not fully illustrated yet, but every time i get a spare evening (from my xbox) I do a little more.

'She imagined the excitement of war as she played,
the trees became giants who feared her new blade
and as ogres and goblins replaced her dads cattle
Hild' roared like a beast charging into the battle.'