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Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Titanfall servers down = a couple of hours of creativity. (So the following is a wee bit rushed.)

I've been out of the house early enough to see the sun rise a few times recently and while this isn't an interpretation of any particular location, its a refreshing site to see the valleys still cool with dew and mist as summer comes crawling our way.

There's half a dozen other projects / favours I should be getting on with but when inspiration strikes, it strikes. It takes a stronger man than me to ignore it.

Monday, 17 March 2014


Wow. had a few issues uploading this without it being distorted beyond what's reasonable. I can only assume it was with all the red. So, with that sorted...

I recently saw a competition about designing a warrior and so began throwing around shapes and colours but after a while I diverted from the brief of creating a character so I gave up and just created an image rather than the character himself.

All along I liked the idea of  someone who had clearly fought with every fibre of his being in a phenomenal battle and come out the other side, if only just, victorious.

I imagine when battles were fought hand to hand with blades and pikes that the survivors would number very few an in some cases they would come down to the last two or three warriors desperately and exhaustingly swinging blades in a last ditch attempt to stay alive.

Bloody terrifying!