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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Return of Space Jane

Its not the first time I’ve drawn space Jane but this is definitely a new approach. I wanted to retain the 60s inspired elements of her space suit (the miniskirt, boots, Afro-esque helmet and that eras utter lack of political correctness), yet give the image a more updated feel with a richer palette.

Deciding on an 'animated' style I looked towards the likes of Shane Glines and Bruce Timm for inspiration whilst avoiding their more angular lines. The half-tone texture and weathered landscape poster format were also supposed to retain a 60's feel despite the more modern approach.

In a side note, I've noticed that the last few posts have all contained 'widescreen' pieces. Too many movies perhaps? Too few? Answers on a postcard.

Friday, 4 January 2013


Happy noo yeah!

I figured I should start back after a holiday break with something fresh and exciting! Star Wars! Bah, OK, so not fresh. Comfortable? Definitely.

Regardless, this image is the first in a series of pictures depicting key characters from the series as 'younglings', engaging in acts that reference key moments from their future. Despite being completed before Disney took over the Galaxy, the style isn't out of place with their mantra, representing the childish outlook of the subject whilst drawing on and exaggerating the colour palette of the films worlds.

I also liked the idea of Luke playing with his toy Star fighter just like many of us did in our youth.

The 'wide-screen' format gave the image a more cinematic quality whilst making the colours seem more vibrant and the text added to generate a more positive, motivational and life affirming blah blah blah blah blah...