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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Clash of the Titans

Well, over the last few days I've had passionate relationship full of excitement, fear, rage and tears, but alas, the Titanfall Beta was never going to be forever.

Off the back of that fling I was finally teased into doing something I've rarely attempted: Hard surface illustration. Namely, a giant Mecha. (For the uninitiated, that's a robot. A big one. That you wear.)

The main give-away that this isn't a direct illustration of a Titan is the fact the assailant has a sword. Which is a bit silly really. Not a chance in heck.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Los Vengadores Mexicanos!!!

I've long been a fan of Robert Rodriguez's films and have enjoyed the splat happy, continuity lacking, insanity of the 'Mexiverse' many of his films erupt from. Having finished watching Machete Kills I felt it necessary to produce the following faux poster, something I've been meddling with for several years.

A team up of all the gun wielding, psychopathic, leather clad, amputees that populate his films would deliver a fantastic antidote to the slick, glossy, superhero movies that currently barge into our multiplexes.

And lets face it, basing a film on a trailer is so last decade. But basing a film on a poster, now that's ballsy! ;-)

Friday, 7 February 2014

Charming Prints

Hey! You! My most recent Destiny images, Little Chewie's Destiny and Little Vader's Destiny, are now on sale over at ACME Archives. I think they'd look great on your wall.

Heck, you've been working hard right? There's still a few Han, Luke and Leia images left. Why not treat yourself to two! A matching set! And you may as well get one for that baby shower you're going to as well. Perfect gift material to initiate the newborns into the world of Star Wars!

Also, feel free to enquire about the very limited, signed artist proofs that will be available via my own store soon.