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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Svensk vol. II

Anticipating a bit of time off this summer I got to thinking about last years trip to Sweden and I realised I hadn't done the planned follow up to last years wind farm painting 'Svensk' despite knowing exactly what I wanted to do. So I did it.

Although based heavily on the picturesque inlets around the island of Orust just north of Gothenburg, the lighthouse was inspired by the one that sits next to the ├śresund bridge that joins Sweden and Denmark.

The result is a splash of colour in the overcast inlet that was damp with the rain that had made the area so deep green and lush. But in reality, who'd put a lighthouse in a bay.

Monday, 17 June 2013


Following on from my recent Robin of Loxley picture, depicting Robin Hood and Little John, I present (a slightly rushed) Will Scarlet.

Throughout Robin Hood lore, several references are made to Scarlet being the finest swordsman in the merry men so I thought it would be fun to have him as some kind of martial artist, wielding two swords and able to fight multiple assailants at once.

Drawing on themes of the templar knights also gave him that cleaner edge than some of the grubby woodfolk who make up the Merry Men, and compounded the idea that he was a highly skilled and trained fighter.

To me it felt natural that the image be tinted with reddish and autumnal hues to reflect the name Scarlet.