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Monday 1 October 2012


I've harked on about my undying love of all things Star Wars in past posts, so I'll keep this short.

I wanted to take Artoo's cocky little frame and bestow it with some of the razor sharp coolness usually reserved for Mr B. Fett. I don't know if its because its getting late or I've been working on it for too long, but theres something about this mash up that already feels comfortably familiar.

May I present F3-7T.


  1. wow this is pretty much AMAZING!!! how would one go about getting a full-sized print of this for my man-cave?

  2. I would like to know the same! I want a full size poster!

  3. I'm looking into it. Watch this space. Thanks for the interest.

  4. That's fantastic! I'm not a collector, but I want a figure of that!
    (Artoo and the astromechs are my favorite droids.)

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  6. Well the guys at seemed to like it :-) Drop them a mail and let them know you're a fan and maybe they'll think about it?

    Thanks for your support.

  7. i dont want the poster i want the droid its self...

  8. Nice mandalorian astro-mech!