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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Last Exit To Nowhere

OK, I swear I'll get back to drawing soon. For real. I've got a few lovely things in the works and I'll have them finished off very soon, but before I do here's another tiny film that I've put together for a 30 second film competition.

Trying to pace a 30 second story in which you can only realistically fit 3-4 lines of dialogue and very little exposition is a little bit tricky but also kind of fun. I often watch Samurai Jack and marvel at how they could fit tension, a cohesive plot and often epic action sequences into only a few minutes. Outstanding work. So this was definitely a learning curve, as is messing around with sound. And accents. Ahem. Forgive me.


  1. Love a good space ship crash me so couldn't help but click. I think the dialogue, set up and pay off work well. The ship or pod that crash is a bit hard to distinguish is the only thing I would say. Did you create all the graphics?

  2. Cheers. I wasn't too bothered about it being distinguishable as long as it was obvious what had happened. And yes, I worked on it alone.